Code12 The Java Programming System Designed for Education

About Code12

Code12 is a programming environment designed for introductory programming education, especially for a first-semester college programming class, high school programming class, or for independent self-paced learning and experimentation. In a class or series where the Java language is used, Code12 provides an introduction to programming using a subset of the Java language, to give students a solid grounding on the fundamentals of programming and an intuitive introduction to using objects before they continue on to "full" Java and object-oriented program design. Learn more about Code12's teaching philosophy and methods here.

Code12 includes a very simple and fully documented API that allows students to develop 2D graphics, games, and simulations with shapes, images, sound, and mouse and keyboard input, as well as simple text-based applications. The API includes a set of simple functions, plus fields and methods for a graphical object type to introduce the use of objects in an intuitive and visual way.

Code12 Screenshot

The Code12 application includes a graphics display area for graphics output and game play, a text console for text output, and an automatic variable watch window for inspecting variable values in real time.

Code12 Error Screenshot

Errors in the user's code are clearly highlighted with source code context and links to relevant help articles.

Error messages are designed for beginners and include common problems not caught by a normal Java compiler.

Smart source code parsing and the omitting of some language features helps syntax and other errors be accurately located on the correct line and include helpful details.

Combined with the text editor of your choice, the Code12 application provides a "live" visual programming environment with instant change-compile-run response and error messages that are dramatically better for beginners than a typical Java compiler.

When you're ready for more, the optional Code12 Java Package enables the Code12 API to be used with any (full) Java programming environment.

Code12 is free to use for education and personal use.